updated 09/15/2018



  • Tables & Chairs are provided. (Table style, 8ft long, utility style folding tables.)

  • Exhibitor Check-In Time (For both Saturday & Sunday) : 11am to 11:45am.

  • Saturday & Sunday Event Exhibitor Hours: 12pm to 6pm.

  • Saturday After Hours (Located at Bread&Salt): 6pm to 9pm.

  • Sunday Closing Ceremonies (Located at Bread&Salt): 6pm to 9pm.

  • Bring plenty of change (cash). Unfortunately we may not have enough cash to supply exhibitors with small change.

  • Coffee & Food vendors will be present during the fest with vegan, vegetarian and non vegetarian options.

  • Exhibitor Parking, all within walking distance. More tips and details below.


What time is exhibitor check-in?

Exhibitor Check-In (both Saturday & Sunday) opens at 11am and closes promptly at 11:45am. Because we will be busy setting up we will not open to check-in before 11am. You’re more then welcome to start lining up outside, along the wall. Please use your registered EXHIBITOR NAME when checking-in. If you do not remember visit our event web page where exhibitor names are listed.

Exhibitor Unloading:

We will be using the main entrance area parking to unload fest related needs. Please, please, please do not block the main driveway with parked cars. We have food vendors unloading major equipment, besides walking is good for you. Please make plans to get dropped off or pull up as near as possible. We are all trying to unload in a timely manner, please be mindful of others.


The venue is located in a neighborhood with unmetered street parking. The venue has a small parking lot behind the building (near the alley) with limited spaces. You could park then unload or vise versa, totally up to you.

FYI - The best street parking available is on Kearny Ave.. It’s a one way street so you’ll want to drive up (while on Julian) to S. Evans St, make a right and then another right onto Kearny Ave. There’s usually plenty of parking anywhere on the left side curb. All parking is open to the public but if possible try to avoid parking in front of peoples homes.


Tables & Chairs are provided. (The tables are 8ft long, utility style folding tables.)

All tables are shared/split between exhibitors. This allows us to work with the venue’s capacity and helps us to host more exhibitors.

How does the exhibitor table layout work?

The fest is sectioned out and within the sections we have a few reserved tables. The remaining tables are at a first come first serve basis.

If a table has a sign that has a name, reads reserved, or number on it, please do not sit or remove the sign. Thank you.

May I reserve the spot next to me?

If you would like to share the table (other table half/seat next to you) with another confirmed exhibitor, you may do so. We still need all exhibitors to check-in. During check-in we'll have reserved signs available if needed. You may either check-in yourself and the other exhibitor or let them check-in on there own. Either way picking your space location is up to both exhibitors.





Bread & Salt  | Plan Your Visit. (Public transportation details & links included).  

If you have any questions please email us at sdzinefest@gmail.com. Thank you for your interest and your time, we look forward to having you and your zines at the San Diego Zine Fest.

All confirmed applicants that do not complete the application process or submit exhibitor fee, forfeit their spot to those on the Standby List. Please let us know if you would like to be removed from the Confirmed Exhibitor list.